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FAST FOOD: Greater Manchester Police seize electric-powered bike used by speedy Uber Eats rider

Updated: Dec 11, 2023

Image credit: GMP Traffic (X)

Greater Manchester Police (GMP) recently seized an adapted electric-powered push bike used by an Uber Eats rider travelling at 35 mph.

The bike was reportedly speeding along Regent Road and gained the attention of a GMP Traffic officer who took to social media to share the details.

The spokesperson shared an image of the modified push bike and joked they were surprised the food delivered by the rider could ever be cold, considering the speed at which they were observed travelling. Officers revealed that the rider was followed at a staggering 35mph under their own electric power.

Taking swift action, GMP seized the multi-purpose vehicle (MPV) being used by the rider.

In a final ironic twist, the customer collected her food by the roadside after the seizure took place.

A GMP Traffic spokesperson said: “I'm surprised Uber Eats is cold when it's delivered, as this rider was followed at 35mph along Regent Road under his electric power.

“Now, an MPV so seized. On the plus side, the customer collected her food roadside. Definitely cold now.”


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