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FESTIVE TROUBLE: Gwent Police report vehicle covered in fairy lights

Updated: Dec 29, 2023

Image credit: Gwent Police Operations & Support

Gwent Police have issued a warning to drivers following an incident involving a vehicle which was covered in festive fairy lights.

The Operations & Support spokesperson from Gwent Police highlighted the dangers posed by such alterations, which included unauthorised fairy lights and excessively tinted front windows.

The vehicle in question was found to be letting in less than half the required light through its front windows, likened to "wearing sunglasses at night" by the police spokesperson. Additionally, it was adorned with fairy lights, a modification that contravenes UK traffic laws. The spokesperson emphasised that displaying red lights at the front of a vehicle, or any colour other than red at the rear, can cause confusion among other road users and is illegal.

Drivers could face a Fixed Penalty Notice for using blue, red, or green LED lights on windscreens, washer jets, or number plates. The law also prohibits red lights on the front of vehicles and any non-standard lighting emitted from the rear, apart from tail lights, indicator lights, reversing lights, and number plate lights.

Moreover, the Road Vehicles Lighting Regulations 1989 strictly forbid the use of any flashing lights while the vehicle is in motion, except for indicators or emergency breakdown vehicle lights. This regulation is in place to ensure the safety of all road users by preventing confusion and maintaining clear visual signals on the road.

A Gwent Police Operations & Support spokesperson said: “This vehicle was allowing less than half the required light through the front windows. Like wearing sunglasses at night.

“Also covered in fairy lights. Showing red lights to the front or other than red to rear is illegal and confuses other road users.“


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