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Final call approaches for London taxi drivers joining monumental legal fight against Uber

Updated: Apr 26

Taxi drivers wishing to join over 10,000 black cab drivers already signed up to a group action to claim back losses from ridehail giants Uber, have only a few weeks to do so as the monumental legal battle gets set to begin.

Thousands of London black cab drivers have joined the legal claim against Uber, which will seek substantial compensation for lost earnings attributed to the ride-hailing service's operations between June 2012 and March 2018.

With a growing number of participants nearing 11,000, the claimants may receive an estimated £25,000 each, adjusting to about £18,000 after deductions for legal fees and expenses.

The case, known as the RGL BULit21 claim, could establish a legal precedent that has potential to influence similar disputes across the UK. RGL BULit21 has secured funding and After The Event (ATE) insurance to cover the costs for all involved drivers, ensuring that they are financially protected regardless of the outcome.

This strategic arrangement also reduces the funder’s profit share from 30% to 27.5%, potentially increasing the payout for drivers.

The registration window is closing soon, and the case is expected to progress swiftly this year. Any licensed driver who was operating full or part-time during the specified period, including those now retired, is eligible to join the action.


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