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FINES INCOMING: LTDA warns taxi drivers they are NOT exempt from Low-Emission Zones OUTSIDE of London

The Licensed Taxi Drivers’ Association (LTDA) has warned taxi drivers they are NOT exempt from Low-Emission Zones OUTSIDE of London after drivers receive fines.

Lloyd Baldwin, an LTDA Executive Senior Officer, issued the crucial reminder to London’s cab drivers about the use of Ultra Low Emission Zones (ULEZ) and similar schemes across the UK.

While black cabs in London are exempt from the ULEZ charges, Baldwin cautions that this exemption does not extend beyond the capital. Baldwin highlighted that numerous cabbies have been fined after assuming their London exemption would cover them in other cities. Appeals against these fines have consistently failed, leaving drivers with costly penalties.

Key cities implementing these low-emission zones include Bath, Newcastle, Birmingham, Bristol, Portsmouth, Manchester, Bradford, Oxford, and Sheffield. In Scotland, Glasgow and Edinburgh have also introduced similar restrictions. Baldwin noted: “Although it's rare for cabs to venture north of the border, it's always wise to be prepared.”

Cabbies are advised to stay informed about these zones to avoid unexpected penalties and ensure compliance when driving in different parts of the UK.

Baldwin, said in TAXI Newspaper: “I have been asked by a couple of members to remind readers that, when you get those once-in-a-lifetime roaders around the country, you should be aware that some councils have copied Mayor Khan and stuck a ULEZ zone, or something similar, in their cities.

“We are exempt in London, but we most certainly are not in the smaller cities around the UK, and you can get caught out. After receiving PCNs, some cabbies have appealed on the grounds that we are exempt here, so we expect to be there, but these appeals fall on deaf ears, and it ends up costing the cabbie.

“The towns and cities with such zones to look out for include: Bath; Newcastle; Birmingham; Bristol; Portsmouth; Manchester; Bradford; Oxford; and Sheffield. In Scotland, Glasgow and Edinburgh also have low-emission zones. I’ve never heard of a cab going north of the border, but you never know.”


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