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First black taxi claim form against Uber for loss of earnings set to be filed ‘within weeks’

The first claim form against ridehail giants Uber is expected to be filed in the High Court ‘within weeks’ says legal group looking to claim back losses for over 10,000 London taxi drivers.

RGL Management, representing London's black cab drivers, revealed the forthcoming legal challenge timeline against Uber via social media and newsletters to all registered drivers.

The legal action, identified as BULit21, targets what is claimed to be an unlawful booking system employed by Uber in the earlier years of its operation in the capital, which disrupted traditional black taxi services. RGL Management, a firm experienced in orchestrating large-scale group litigations, is spearheading this initiative, using the expertise of top-tier legal professionals.

Participation in the lawsuit requires no financial outlay from the drivers involved. RGL has confirmed that all legal fees will be paid on behalf of the claimants. Furthermore, should the case not conclude in the drivers' favour, any costs awarded to the defendant will be covered by insurance, ensuring that the claimants are not financially liable.

Drivers who are already recipients of RGL's newsletter have been automatically registered for this action. However, those who have not yet registered can still participate by entering their details via RGL's official registration process.

The significance of this legal challenge is highlighted by the potential compensation claims, with each participating driver potentially receiving up to £25,000 should the court rule in their favour. This financial implication highlights the substantial nature of the grievances held against Uber's practices.

An RGL Management spokesperson said: “RGL expects a first Claim Form on behalf of 10,000 London cab drivers to be issued in the High Court against Uber within weeks.

“If you receive our newsletter you’re already registered. If not, register by entering a few basic details.”


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