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First Derbyshire council begins rollout of CCTV in taxis in bid to safeguard residents

North East Derbyshire District Council has started to rollout the installation of CCTV in their licensed taxis in a move that they hope will help safeguard residents.

The council is the first authority in Derbyshire to take up the initiative, backed as an option by the Department for Transport (DfT).

Taxis that are licensed in the district will start to be fitted with CCTV this winter (2022), over a six month period.

The CCTV system aims to provide a safer environment for the both passengers and driver by:

  • deterring and preventing the occurrence of crime

  • reducing the fear of crime

  • assisting the Police in investigating incidents of crime

  • assisting insurance companies in investigating motor vehicle accidents.

North East Derbyshire District Council Cabinet Member for Licencing, Cllr Mark Foster, said: “We are the first authority in the county to make CCTV compulsory. Residents now have a clear choice and can make sure they use a taxi licenced with North East Derbyshire District Council.

“I want to make sure our communities are safe and feel safe when using licenced taxis and would encourage all our residents to use taxis licenced here.

“I hope that our initiative here, paves the way for other authorities to follow our lead, ensuring the safeguarding of others when using licenced vehicles.”

The Department for Transport have issued guidance stating the use of CCTV can provide a safer environment for the benefit of taxi/private hire vehicle passengers and the Health and Safety Executive list the installation of CCTV with visible signage as a successful measure to improve safety.

The authority will also be publishing a list of operators on its website.


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