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FISHED OUT: Gloucester taxi driver rescued after getting ‘stuck’ in floodwater

Image credit: A Gloucestershire Police Specialist Ops Team

A Gloucester taxi driver's decision to navigate through floodwater led to Fire and Rescue officers fishing them out last night.

A Gloucestershire Police Specialist Ops Team spokesperson shared details of the incident via social media, highlighting the risks and consequences of such actions.

The taxi driver, while attempting to cross a flooded area, found themselves in a perilous situation when their vehicle became stuck. This prompted the Gloucestershire Fire and Rescue Service to respond to the scene to safely extract the driver from the car.

The incident underscores the dangers of driving through floodwater, not only posing a risk to the driver's safety but also potentially leading to significant vehicle damage.

Following the incident, the taxi driver was reported for ‘offences’.

Gloucestershire Police also issued a warning regarding the potential insurance ramifications in such situations. They noted that driving through water and subsequently flooding the engine could lead to insurance companies refusing to cover the damage.

A Gloucestershire Specialist Ops Team spokesperson said via X: “This taxi driver in Gloucesterhas just driven through floodwater, but got stuck. This has resulted in Gloucester Fire and Rescue attending to get them out of the car.

“Driver reported for offences. (Remember, if you drive through the water and flood your engine your insurance may not pay out!)”


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