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Five common bad driving habits ruining vehicles

Updated: Mar 11

Motorists have been warned to quit five bad driving habits which could be ruining their vehicles.


Experts at Absolute Reg have named the common mistakes drivers are making which are causing further damage to their cars.

Attaching heavy keyrings and decorations to the set of car keys put a lot of pressure and weight on the ignition and could cause it to stop working.


Drivers who have a bad habit of riding the clutch instead of taking their foot all the way off may find they need more regular maintenance, as it can lead to excessive wear.


Keeping hands resting on the gearstick can cause problems with the gearbox, meaning the car could start shaking or jerking whilst in motion.


Jake Smith, Director of Absolute Reg, said: “There are several bad driving habits that motorists would’ve picked up over the years, and some that even new drivers can be guilty of.


“Anyone who has heavy keys or decorations on their car keys should take them off, as the pressure put on the ignition could cause problems to the engine and damage the delicate components.


“Resting on the gearstick or riding the clutch are two bad habits which drivers should kick, else risk causing damage to their vehicles without even realising.


“Drivers should never ignore warning lights on their dashboard, and brush up on their knowledge of their meanings, as serious problems could occur.


“Another bad habit motorists should stop is driving over potholes - in situations when it is safe to do so, you should drive over the potholes on the road otherwise your wheels, tyres and underneath your car could become damaged.”

Here are the five ways drivers are damaging their vehicles without realising:


1 Heavy car keys ruining the ignition

Attaching lots of decorative keyrings onto the set of car keys could cause the ignition to stop functioning. The constant downward pressure from heavy keys on the vehicle can cause damage to the delicate components of the ignition, causing further problems to the engine and potentially failing to start the car again.


2 Resting on the gearstick

Keeping your hand on the stick can cause unnecessary damage to the gearbox, meaning the vehicle may stop working efficiently. Issues with gears could cause cars to shake or jerk whilst driving.


3 Riding the clutch

Drivers should kick any bad habits of keeping their foot on the clutch after changing gears. This is called riding the clutch, and will likely lead to excessive wear which means it’ll need repairing more often.


4 Driving over potholes

It’s best to swerve around potholes rather than driving straight over them, when it is safe to do so. Potholes can cause damage to the underneath of the vehicle if driven over at speed, as well as scraped wheels and cuts to the tyre.


5 Ignoring dashboard lights

It might be tempting to just ignore any warning lights on the dashboard, especially if you’re unfamiliar with what they mean. But any lights should be investigated as soon as possible in case a bigger problem arises.


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