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FIVE new operators join Uber Local Cab platform in England and Scotland

Updated: Nov 27, 2022

Image credit: Uber (screenshot)

Uber has announced the launch of Local Cab in FIVE more cities and regions, which will give passengers the option to book trips with a local taxi operator via the Uber app.

Anyone opening the Uber app in the five new areas can select the Local Cab option, alongside regular Uber-operated options such as UberX and UberXL. Local Cab trips will be passed to a local operator to fulfil, and all subsequent support will be provided by them.

The latest batch of operators joining Local Cab follows previous launches in over 60 locations across the UK. The five new regions and operators joining the platform are:

  • Domino Hire, Rutherglen & Cambuslang, South Lanarkshire

  • DG Cars, Nottingham

  • Western Cars, Derby

  • Arrow Cars, Leeds

  • Middleton Cars, Middleton.

Uber’s app will integrate with Autocab’s iGo network, which has the potential to connect passengers with 80,000 private hire and taxi drivers in the UK. Local Cab has already launched in over 60 towns and cities across the UK since its pilot in May 2021.

Paul McDougall, Director at Domino Private Hire, said: “We’re proud to bring Local Cab to the people of South Lanarkshire. This provides another way for customers to book with us – and for anyone visiting Glasgow that already uses the Uber app, Local Cab will make it easy for them to book a ride with a local operator.”

Andrew Brem, General Manager at Uber UK, said: “The Local Cab rollout is proving a success for local operators, riders and local economies – helping to maximise earnings opportunities for drivers while giving passengers more choice. We are excited to launch in South Lanarkshire and to continue extending the product to more towns and cities across the UK.”


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