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Fixed penalty for Uber driver who decided to stop on the hard shoulder for a chin-wag 

An Uber driver has been hit with an on the spot fixed penalty notice after deciding it would be safe to park on the hard shoulder of a motorway to have a chat on his phone.

Traffic Officer Dave of West Yorkshire Police Roads Policing Unit logged the offence via his Twitter account, along with a photo of the incident, saying: "Definitely the last job of the shift.... #Uber stopping on the hard shoulder #M62 #Huddersfield to take a phone call. Traffic Offence Report issued."

Many traffic offences can be dealt with by a ‘Fixed Penalty Notice’ (FPN) if the officers consider it an appropriate punishment. You can decide whether to accept the fine (usually along with points) or reject it – in which case you’ll be summoned to appear in court.

Fixed Penalty Notices can be split into endorsable FPNs (with points) and non-endorsable FPNs (without points).

This Uber driver will now have to pay a fine of £50 for his non-endorsable FPN.

Non-endorsable FPNs are issued for offences which include stopping on the motorway hard shoulder, using the horn at night and cycling on the pavement.

Image credit: Twitter @WYP_TrafficDave


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