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Footage shows intoxicated E-SCOOTER rider casually travelling along busy motorway in Birmingham

Updated: Sep 6, 2021

Image credit: Twitter @CMPG

Footage of a man e-scooting along a busy motorway in Birmingham has been released by the Central Motorway Police Group (CMPG).

Police where called after the e-scooter rider was spotted travelling along the A38M on the morning of 22 August.

During the shocking footage, the man can be seen not only travelling on the e-scooter, but for a short period he was seen walking along the scooter in a lane used for overtaking.

Officers were able to intercept the man before a serious collision occurred, which could have seen devastating results for the rider himself and other road users.

During roadside checks it came to light that the man was intoxicated and had decided to take the motorway home after a night out in Birmingham.

The CMPG used their official Twitter account @CMPG to highlight the incident: "We are huge advocates of modal shift & active travel here at CMPG.

Image credit: Twitter @CMPG

"But scooters & the like should never be on the network, this intoxicated male on the A38M Sunday morning was stopped and reported after he found a novel but very dangerous way to get home after a night out in Brum."


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