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FORMULA-NONE SLICK BACK AND SIDES: Car with zero tyre tread stopped by police in Merseyside

Image credit : Twitter @MerPolTraffic

The driver of a car sporting tyres with zero tread on two tyres has been reported for the offence and had the vehicle seized after officers from Merseyside Police Roads Policing Unit performed roadside checks.

The silver Mercedes was stopped by officers on Monday 7 March, when not only they found the tyres to be shockingly bald, the driver had an expired licence.

Taking to social media to highlight the offences, a spokesperson for the force said: "This vehicle came to our attention as the driver was driving around without any lights on.

"When we spoke to the driver we found his licence had expired and both his rear tyres were totally devoid of tread.

"His vehicle was seized and he was reported."

The punishment for both offences will likely result in a driving ban and fine.

Twitter users jumped on the feed to have their say, with one saying: "Wow, I've never seen tyres as smooth as that."

Another wrote: "They look like FQ tyres." Another responded: "Well done, another dangerous vehicle off the road. Looks like an expensive car but no common sense or respect for the law."


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