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Fresh police appeal on 30th anniversary of brutal unsolved murder of working taxi driver

Thames Valley Police is appealing for information on the 30th anniversary of a brutal unsolved murder of a taxi driver in Oxfordshire.

Saturday 13 June marks 30 years since Lennie Gomm was murdered while he was carrying a fare in his taxi.

The 75-year-old married father-of-three, from Forest Hill, near Wheatley, was stabbed to death in Hampton Gay Lane, near Bletchingdon. Lennie worked as a part-time, self-employed taxi driver for ABC Taxis.

On the day he was murdered, Wednesday 13 June 1990, he was driving a blue Ford Granada, which had a ‘Taxi’ sign on its roof and the registration number A592 ARD. His body was found by a truck driver at 10.50am, close to his unattended taxi.

He died as a result of a stab wound to the chest that passed completely through his heart.

There was a further minor stab wound to the left of his chest, which cut through superficial tissues, but did not contribute to his death. There were also marks around the mouth that suggested pressure had been applied to the mouth and chin.

The murder weapon has never been found and there was no evidence to suggest that Lennie had been robbed.

Prior to his murder, Lennie had dropped off a fare in Gloucester Green in Oxford. Lennie then picked up another fare, possibly from Banbury Road. This fare flagged down Lennie’s taxi and wanted to go to Bicester. When Lennie’s body was found, the trip meter showed that the vehicle had travelled 15.3 miles, indicating that the vehicle had not taken a direct route to Hampton Gay Lane.

Head of Thames Valley Police’s Major Crime Investigation Review Team, Peter Beirne said: “It has been thirty years since Lennie Gomm was brutally murdered while doing the job he loved as a taxi driver.

“Lennie was stabbed to the chest, a wound that passed completely through his heart. He was also stabbed in the chest a second time and there were marks around the mouth that suggested that pressure had been applied to the mouth and chin.

 “There was no evidence to suggest that Lennie had been robbed, so the motivation for his murder remains unclear.

“Despite a thorough investigation at the time, the case remains undetected.

“Since the murder we have continued to work on the case, and using advancements in forensic science, have developed evidence, that could link the offender to the attack.

“There will be people who have information or suspicions about Lennie’s murder, and I am urging them to make contact with the police.

“You might know someone who acts strangely when Lennie’s murder is mentioned on the TV or radio, or perhaps you know someone who has an obsession with the case. If you have any suspicions whatsoever then please contact Thames Valley Police or Crimestoppers. It will be a simple matter for us to check their details."

Lennie’s family said: “It is now thirty years since our father was murdered, whilst doing the job he loved.

“Despite the passage of time, he is still missed and we feel sad that he wasn’t able to enjoy his later life with our mother, spending time with his children and grandchildren. 

“Through the police, we know there is now evidence that could link the killer with the crime. Therefore, we would urge anyone that has any information, or suspicions, to please make contact with the police, so that we can hopefully find the person responsible for ending our father’s life so brutally. Thank you.”

Image credits: Thames Valley Police


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