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FUEL COSTS: Stroud district taxi fares set to increase 15% for first mile journey to help cabbies

Daytime taxi fares in the Stroud district are set to increase by around 15% for the first mile charged in a bid to help cabbies pay for rapidly rising fuel and living costs.

The new tariffs will go live on Monday 18 July 2022 subject to any objections that are made and will be the first rise handed to the industry since 2018.

The review into taxi tariffs is just one of many taking place across the UK.

The starting rate, also known as the ‘flag fall’, will rise from £2.80 to £3.20 on tariff one (daytime), rise from £3.25 to £3.60 for operation during the afternoon rate and rise from £4 to £4.30 for the late night and Bank Holiday rate.

Councillor Chris Brine, Chair of Stroud District Council's community services and licensing committee, said: "Taxi fares in the Stroud district were last increased in February 2018.

“Earlier this year drivers requested an increase in fares due to the increase in fuel costs and the cost of living.

"After consulting with drivers, proposed new fares were approved at the council's community services and licensing committee on June 23 and will come into effect on July 18.

"The taxi rates are the maximum that the taxi drivers can charge within the district and they have the option to charge less.

Stroud District Council does not control private hire rates, as those vehicles are pre-booked and a fee can be agreed before the journey starts.

"The council plan pledges to support businesses and build foundations for a sustainable and inclusive local economy."


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