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FUEL PRICES: UK Taxi drivers united saying 5p Fuel Duty cut DOES NOT go far enough to help industry

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Taxi drivers across the UK were united in their opinion that the 5p Fuel Duty did not go far enough to help the industry through the fuel price crisis.

On Wednesday Rishi Sunak announced that fuel duty for petrol and diesel will be cut by 5p per litre from 6pm 23 March to help drivers across the UK with rising costs – a tax cut worth £2.4 billion. The cut on fuel duty rates means a one-car family will now save on average £100.

The Chancellor said that global supply chain issues following the pandemic, as well as Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, are driving up the cost of living for families across the UK.

What taxi drivers have said…

Taxi driver John McMillan stated: “When your outgoings start first at cost of vehicle, second at running cost of fuel, and thirdly maintenance, the 5p reduction is an insult.

“They (Councillors, MP’s, etc) are well paid for their time at work, cabbies are not! We’ve sat on ranks for two years for almost zero pay throughout the pandemic, not sat at home on any kind of salary.

“We have four main outgoings and this is second on the list so 5p does nothing to running costs of a business.”

John Minshall, a cabbie from Stoke-on-Trent, said: “Fares will naturally drift up anyway, (a) based on supply versus demand, and (b) as a mechanism to partly-offset extra costs like airport parking, CAZs, and hikes in parts and insurance etc. The days of rock-bottom taxi fares have to be over!

“Ultimately, fuel hopefully has now peaked and should drift back down some… should be back where we were pre-Xmas in a couple of months time. Just as the trade regroups, post-Covid.”

Many claimed garages in their area put up prices in the days leading up to and after the Spring Budget, wiping out any savings.

Steven Colquhoun said: “The garages have already put up their prices over the last week wiping out any savings. Being mugged off big time.”

David Falwell said: “The chancellor took 5p a litre off yesterday. My local BP put their price up 9p a litre since yesterday morning.”

Scottish cabbie Ian Hume remarked: “Where I stay, Stirling, the prices didn’t come down and they’re still going up!”

Craig Davis said: “Well seen as all the fuel stations I’ve passed this morning are still the same price as yesterday I’ll start with a big fat NO the Chancellor has not done enough.”

Many echoed the thought that a 5p drop didn’t help much given the scale of recent rises.

London cabbie Rob McMahon said: “Our garages are 184.9p so dropping it back to 179.9p is insignificant.”

In a snap poll by TaxiPoint, 95% of 147 readers said the Chancellor’s 5p cut on Fuel Duty DID NOT go far enough to help cabbies.


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