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FUEL PUMP PRICES GATHER PACE: Government must cut Fuel Duty to help ‘build back better’

Updated: Mar 8, 2022

Government MUST CUT VAT as petrol and diesel prices could be set to rocket further - by as much as 10p to 20p per litre this coming week.

Campaigners say the extra VAT generated in the last year and the coming months, because of the record prices at the pumps, is more than enough to give drivers some respite.

A cut of Fuel Duty by 5p would bring pump prices in line with the average of Europe and make businesses more competitive and viable in a post Covid recovery phase say FairFuelUK.

Germany currently prices diesel 10p less then the UK. The same goes for France (7p), Italy (8p), Ireland (15p), Spain (29p), Slovakia (31p), USA (76p) and Netherlands (8p).

A fit and resilient road freight and logistics sector is seen as essential to not only keep Britain moving, but to help the UK build back better as normality returns following the coronavirus pandemic.

FairFuelUK say over half of the cost of a litre of diesel is accounted for by tax. The campaigners believe that action should now be taken to back UK hauliers and keep consumer prices under control through the introduction of an essential user rebate of 15p per litre.

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