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FULL ROAD ACCESS: A necessity for the taxi industry to meet diverse passenger needs

In some regions of the UK, taxi drivers are fighting for unrestricted access to all city roads, arguing that such access is crucial to their ability to provide essential public services effectively, especially for disabled passengers, during nighttime, and in ensuring women's safety.

Enhanced Mobility for Disabled Passengers

For disabled passengers, taxis often represent a critical mode of transport, offering more personalised and direct travel than buses or trains can provide. Road restrictions can limit a taxi’s ability to pick up or drop off disabled passengers close to their destinations, increasing the cost of fares due to forced longer routes and complicating what should be a seamless journey.

Full road access would allow taxi services to offer more efficient door-to-door transport, significantly easing mobility for those with physical challenges.

Expectations of Public Transport

As a key component of public transport, taxis complement buses and trains by providing flexibility and coverage where scheduled services might not reach. Restricted road access limits this role, forcing taxis on longer routes that not only incur higher costs but also result in longer wait times for passengers. Unhindered access to roads ensures taxis can uphold public transport expectations by filling gaps in transport networks and providing quick and efficient services across the entire city.

Taxis are compelled to take the public and should be offered similar access to other public transport services.

Safety for Women

Women often prefer taxis for a safe, door-to-door service, especially late at night. Limitations on road access can force taxis to drop passengers at less safe, peripheral locations, potentially increasing risks to personal safety. Ensuring taxis can travel on all roads at all hours significantly supports women’s safety, allowing them to travel directly to their destinations without the vulnerabilities associated with walking from more distant drop-off points.

Nighttime Safety

Nighttime safety is a critical issue for all passengers, particularly in areas with limited public transport options during late hours. Taxis are that reliable 24/7 alternative, offering safe passage home when other forms of transport are scarce.

Road restrictions that limit taxi operations at night can leave passengers stranded or forced to choose less safe methods of getting home. Granting full road access to taxis is not merely about convenience but is a fundamental aspect of ensuring that taxis can fulfil their role as a versatile, safe, and responsive mode of urban transport.


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