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GAGA PRICING! Party-goer livid after being charged over 80% MORE than quoted by ride-hail firm Bolt

Updated: Aug 6, 2022

A concert goer was left livid after being charged over 80% MORE than the quoted price for his Bolt minicab.

The man requesting the ride had just seen Lady Gaga perform at Tottenham Hotspur’s Stadium in North London and was quoted £25 for a journey afterwards to nearby Walthamstow.

The rider was left shocked when he discovered that the same ride had in fact cost him £45.50, nearly twice as much as the original quote for the 13 minute ride.

The man took to Twitter to complain to ride-hailing firm Bolt. The message said: “Sorry to go all Karen on main but took a @Boltapp journey after Gaga from Tottenham on Saturday night, was quoted £25 (I know), but was charged £45.50 after I left the car! Haven’t refunded me, only gave me credit, and now no one is answering on support. The f***.”

High surge pricing across most ride-hailing operators has left customers frustrated as higher demand for available private hire drivers intensifies. There remains a nationwide shortage of private hire drivers which has pushed up prices during times of high demand.


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