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Gett CEO assures commitment to regulated taxi market amid Uber's planned ‘Black Cabs’ offering

Updated: Dec 4, 2023

Gett’s CEO, Matteo de Renzi, emphasised his company's dedication to improving rather than disrupting the regulated taxi industry, in response to recent reports of Uber's plans to enter the London black cab market.

Gett, launched as a black cab app in London back in 2011, has remained steadfast in its focus on the regulated taxi market, positioning itself as a convenient and reliable option in the city. Highlighting the long-standing legacy and the high entry threshold of black cabs, de Renzi acknowledged the challenges faced by newcomers in this niche.

To dispel concerns about exacerbating congestion on the city's roads, the Gett CEO highlighted their approach of improvement rather than disruption.

Matteo de Renzi said: “Gett launched as a black cab app in London in 2011 and we’ve always focused on the regulated taxi market, positioning the taxi trade as the most convenient and reliable option in town.

“Black cabs are iconic for a reason - it’s a trade that boasts centuries of legacy and an extremely high entry threshold. Pretty much every player attempting an entry struggled so far. We've always put a positive relationship with the trade first: it’s about respect and fairness, the personal touch. We are not here to disrupt, we never added a single car to London’s roads to worsen the congestion!

“We are here to improve - to give the drivers, who earned their badge with years of hard work, more options to monetise their time behind the wheel and to give the passengers more options when they need to get somewhere quickly and safely."


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