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Gett releases tongue-in-cheek advertising campaign highlighting key differences to Uber

Image credit: Gett

Gett has allied with creative agency 10 Days to roll out an audacious out-of-home advertising campaign, which takes a cheeky swipe at competitor platforms like Uber and Bolt.

This marks Gett's first significant promotional foray since the global upheaval, setting the stage in London's bustling black cab sector.

At the heart of the campaign is a deft blend of humour and nostalgia, aiming to forge a robust emotional bond with Londoners. By capitalising on the iconic London black cab experience, Gett highlights its commitment to reliability and convenience, while bringing the wording to life through a series of visuals that are as engaging as they are memorable.

Strategically placed across the capital, the adverts make a splash in over 95 high-traffic locations. From bustling train stations to the arteries of roadside London, Gett's presence is unmissable. The cherry on top? A savvy integration with social media platforms, where the campaign has already stirred a lively conversation.

Katie McPhee, Gett Interim UK Marketing Director, said: “Over the past few months we’ve been fascinated to learn more about the value Gett delivers to different segments of Londoners on the go. This campaign seeks to connect with different audiences and showcase these different use cases along with our universal appreciation for the black cab – while bringing a smile to the faces of commuters.”

Jolyon White, 10 Days Co-founder, said: “The trick was to just keep it simple and show off iconic black cabs in all their glory. Then combine that with a provocative benefit-driven headline and you are in for a winner. Gett got that and trusted us from start to finish. Great project – they are going up on our wall for sure.”


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