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Gig-economy delivery rider had no insurance or licence & carried drugs in bag alongside McDonalds

Image credit : Twitter @Tvprp

A gig-economy food delivery rider has been arrested after testing positive for illegal drugs as well as being caught in possession of cannabis, which was found in their insulated food delivery bag which also contained McDonalds.

Further checks by Thames Valley Police officers revealed that the rider did not have a licence to ride the motor vehicle and had no insurance.

The rider was pulled over for roadside checks in Reading on Thursday 4 October.

A spokesperson for Thames Valley Police, said: "Delivery rider stopped in Reading to check if they had insurance to cover deliveries earlier this afternoon.

"Turns out, the rider had only purchased the moped a month before and had several apparent issues.

"No insurance (none whatsoever), no driving licence (no L plates displayed and had never passed their CBT).

"5 bags of cannabis found on their person/in their insulated food delivery bag (along with the McDonalds, they were on their way to deliver.

"Tested positive on the roadside saliva test for cannabis. Unsurprisingly they were arrested for the multitude of offences, taken to custody where they've had a specimen of their blood obtained which will be sent off for analysis in due course."

The police also confirmed that the bike was seized for the road traffic offences.


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