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"GIG ECONOMY" driver was delivering fast-food from McDonalds with an expired licence & no insurance

Updated: Jan 13, 2022

Image credit : Twitter @MerPolTraffic

A gig-economy driver who was delivering fast-food for McDonald's restaurants was found to be doing so with an expired licence and no insurance.

McDonald's uses so called “gig-economy” firms such as Uber Eats and Just Eat to offer a delivery service to its customers.

Merseyside Police stopped this particular driver in St Helens where they found them to be operating illegally.

The vehicle - a black Toyota - was seized and the driver reported for the offences.

Food delivery apps who work with fast-food chains such as McDonald's, require drivers to submit information such as vehicle details as well as proof of insurance. The police did not release details on which of the delivery firms this driver was working with.

It is not clear whether on this occasion the app failed to recognise an expired licence and lack of insurance, or if the driver was using a different vehicle altogether than the one registered with the app based delivery firm.

A spokesperson for Merseyside Police, said via Twitter @MerPolTraffic: 'Vehicle stopped in St. Helens - McDonald's delivery driver who had an expired licence and no insurance.

'Vehicle seized and driver reported.'


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