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Glasgow and Edinburgh drivers warned of Euro VI compliance confusion that could cost cabbies

Updated: Feb 23

Approximately 150 taxis operating in Glasgow and Edinburgh, including models such as the TX4, Vito, and E7, have been incorrectly recorded as compliant with Clean Air Zone (CAZ) and Low Emission Zone (LEZ) standards.

It is reported that these vehicles, registered slightly later than other Euro V models, are mistakenly believed by drivers to adhere to the stricter Euro VI emissions standards.

Authorities are believed to have now acknowledged this oversight and possess the means to update the vehicle compliance database. This update, which could be enacted at any moment, threatens to abruptly alter the compliance status of these taxis.

In light of this problem, taxi drivers in both cities are urged to verify the Euro standard compliance of their vehicles.

Mark Cooper, HJS Emission Technology, Head of Sales and Business Development, said: “This issue would mean the vehicles could be compliant today, but liable for charges tomorrow. The drivers would then all find themselves in a scramble to retrofit or find another vehicle which would take time for them to do.”


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