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Glasgow City Council accused of ‘hypocrisy’ as taxi industry questions their own LEZ compliance

The black taxi industry in Glasgow has raised concerns over the compliance of Glasgow City Council with its own Low Emission Zone (LEZ).

Industry reps have labelled the council as 'hypocrites' for failing to upgrade their vehicles to meet the environmental requirements set by the LEZ.

Glasgow City Council, which prided itself on establishing Scotland's first LEZ in 2018, has candidly admitted that approximately one-third of its vehicles do not meet the necessary standards to enter the city centre without facing penalties.

According to the Scottish Daily Express, the council has been actively promoting its pollution-busting scheme for the past five years. However, it has come to light that nearly 600 cars and vans owned by the council are still non-compliant with the environmental requirements laid out by the LEZ. In an apparent contradiction, the council has spent a staggering £236,000 on hiring vehicles that are permitted to enter the restricted city centre zone.

Unite Glasgow Cab Section, representing taxi operators, expressed their disappointment over the council's actions. They pointed out the hypocrisy of council officials and LEZ officers who have been ‘scolding’ taxi operators for not adhering to the LEZ guidelines.

A Unite Glasgow Cab Section spokesperson said: “The hypocrisy of Glasgow City Council and LEZ Officers scolding taxi operators, telling them they have known about the LEZ for 5 years.

“Council has apparently known for 10! Quarter of a million pounds on vehicle hire as its own vehicles are non-compliant.”


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