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Glasgow Council approves 9.72% taxi fare increase proposal following in-depth review

Glasgow City Council’s Licensing and Regulatory Committee has endorsed a significant fare increase for the city’s taxis, raising rates by 9.72%.

This decision follows the comprehensive review conducted by Dr James Cooper of James Cooper Associates Ltd, which covered the period from September 2022 to February 2024.

The review recommended several changes to the existing fare structure. The starting fare, known as the flag fall, will increase from £4.00 to £4.40. Adjustments will also be made to the distances and times that trigger additional charges. The flag fall will now apply up to 889 yards or 167 seconds, slightly extending the initial ride coverage. Beyond this, the incremental charge distances will reduce from 196 yards to 179 yards, although the charge for each increment remains at 30 pence.

For those travelling at night or during the festive season, new charges will be introduced. The additional charge for trips between 9pm. and 6am. will now be £1.50, up from the previous rate of £1.40 after 11pm. Similarly, the festive period surcharges will see minor increases, encouraging taxi availability during these peak times.

Dr Cooper’s recommendations were put forward after extensive consultations with key stakeholders, including Glasgow Taxis Limited and the Glasgow Taxi Owners Federation. Feedback from these groups influenced the final proposals, particularly regarding the need for higher charges during night shifts and public holidays to ensure sufficient service coverage.

Despite some disagreements over specific elements such as the soiling charge and night-time tariffs, the overall reception to the proposed increase has been positive among taxi operators. Glasgow Taxis Limited, for instance, had suggested even higher surcharges for night-time and holiday periods to further incentivise drivers.

The council’s approval marks the first step in implementing these changes, with further administrative actions required to finalise the new fare structure. The Director of Legal and Administration has been tasked with issuing notices and gathering any public feedback before the changes are officially enacted.

This fare adjustment aims to balance the operational costs faced by taxi operators with the need to provide a fair and accessible service for the city’s residents and visitors. The last fare adjustment, a substantial 19.36% increase, took effect in April 2023, reflecting ongoing pressures within the taxi industry.


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