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Glasgow private hire driver suspended after alleged MURDER charge while on duty

Updated: Sep 24, 2023

A private hire driver in Glasgow has been suspended after being charged with murder while on duty. The city's licensing committee was informed by Police Scotland after the licensed man committed the crime on August 5 while driving a private hire car.

According to police reports shared by STV News, it is alleged that the driver “assaulted a named person by intentionally driving a car directly towards the named person and striking him with the car”.

The incident took place during his duties as a private hire car driver. As a result, Police Scotland requested the suspension of private hire car driver's licence and private hire car licence on 8 August. The licences were suspended with immediate effect for a period of six weeks on 9 August.

During a recent meeting, the licensing committee, consisting of councillors, decided to suspend both licences for the remaining duration while the driver faces the serious allegation. The committee was informed that the PHV driver is currently remanded in custody.


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