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Glasgow Private Hire driver SUSPENDED after vehicle fails compliance for new Low Emission Zone

Updated: Aug 6, 2023

A licensed private hire driver from Glasgow City Council has been suspended after failing to make his vehicle compliant with the city's controversial new Low Emission Zone (LEZ) regulations.

The driver, Muhammad Raees, cited financial constraints for his inability to meet the LEZ requirements.

During a hearing held by the licensing committee, an enforcement officer presented evidence stating that Raees' car did not comply with the LEZ rules. The enforcement of the LEZ was introduced in June, with specific standards for vehicles to adhere to. Generally, diesel engine vehicles registered after September 2015 and petrol vehicles registered from 2006 onwards are considered to meet the required LEZ standards.

According to reports from Glasgow Live, Raees appeared before the councillors and explained his situation, stating: "At the moment, I need more time to buy a new car, I don't have the funds." He mentioned that he had reached out to the council to request additional time, indicating that he would require approximately six months to become compliant with the LEZ regulations.

Cllr Alex Wilson, the chairman of the licensing committee belonging to the Scottish National Party (SNP), expressed his sympathy for the driver's predicament. Wilson acknowledged that Raees' situation was a result of financial limitations and appeared to understand the difficulty faced by many drivers in transitioning to compliant vehicles.

The Glasgow City Council's LEZ has been the subject of debate and controversy since its implementation. While aimed at improving air quality and reducing pollution levels in the city, many drivers and businesses have been struggling to meet the stringent requirements due to financial constraints.


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