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Glasgow taxi driver calls 0.84% taxi tariff increase a ‘DISGRACE’ as cabbies battle rising costs

Updated: Oct 5, 2022

A livid Glasgow taxi driver has called the recent 0.84% tariff increase a ‘disgrace’ as drivers battle mounting inflation, fuel costs and vehicle investments.

Cabbies have become disgruntled at the small increase as inflation pushed past 10%. Other Scottish licensing authorities have given the green light to much larger increases.

Taxi drivers in the Highlands look set for a 20% tariff increase if new proposals are given the green light by council members. People in the Highlands are being asked for their views on proposals by the council to review the maximum level of charges for vehicles fitted with taxi meters.

Taxi fares also increased by up to 20% in Midlothian after councillors feared the rising fuel costs could put them out of business.

One taxi driver licensed in Glasgow told TaxiPoint: “It’s a total disgrace. Other cities are seeing up to 20% increases and Glasgow taxi drivers are being insulted in such a way when the cost if living is sky rocketing.”

The latest tariff review in Glasgow was based on analysis focused on the period between February 2020 and February 2021 which was during the height of the coronavirus pandemic. Using a cost index method used by most local UK taxi authorities Glasgow City Council (GCC) were able to calculate changes in inflation, living costs and business costs.

In some English regions taxi tariffs have been reviewed a SECOND time in the same year in a bid to help taxi drivers throughout the period of rising costs.


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