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Glasgow taxi driver reaches astronomical 280,000 mileage milestone in his LEVC TX cab

Updated: Jul 3

Image credit: LEVC

Gary Bowers, a 60-year-old taxi driver from Glasgow, has clocked an astounding 280,000 miles in his LEVC TX.

This places him among the highest-mileage drivers of the LEVC TX since it was first launched in January 2018.

This milestone not only speaks to the durability of the LEVC TX but also highlights Gary’s dedication to public service over his 28-year career. To put his achievement into perspective, Gary's mileage surpasses the 232,000 miles from Earth to the Moon and even exceeds the 268,553 miles achieved by NASA’s Orion spacecraft at its furthest point from Earth.

Gary's vehicle, purchased in 2018, the year the TX was launched, has proven its mettle with its robust eCity range extender powertrain. His commitment is further highlighted by his impressive history with at least ten previous taxis, including the TX1, TX2, TX4, and now the TX.

Gary said: “I love the manoeuvrability, the visibility, and the ease of driving. Overall, it’s just a great experience for passengers and a great working environment for the driver.”

By leveraging the full-electric capability of his TX, Gary has potentially saved around £85,000 in fuel costs compared to a typical diesel taxi. His taxi operates almost 24/7, with a partner using it during the night. The vehicle gets a break twice a day for charging, maximising the benefits of its eco-friendly and cost-effective electric power.

Gary added: “I normally work from about 8am to 6pm and the night shift works from 9:15 pm to 4 or 5am.

“This gives us the chance to charge twice during the day and gives both of us the benefit of earning from the battery and getting cheaper miles.”

Alex Nan, CEO, LEVC said: “Gary’s achievement is testament to the hard work that professional taxi drivers undertake, in the name of public service, day in, day out. In designing, engineering, and manufacturing the world’s most advanced electric taxi from the ground up, we have ensured the TX is the ideal vehicle for drivers, passengers, and the planet. Since its launch, the TX has delivered an unrivalled sustainable mobility solution, with more than 788 million miles travelled in TX taxis globally since launch, and more than 240,000 tonnes of CO2 saved from being emitted into the atmosphere.”

Stephen Porter, Branch Manager at The Taxi Centre, said: “Gary’s extraordinary journey to surpass 280,000 miles in his LEVC TX is a significant milestone that not only showcases the exceptional durability and performance of the TX, but also reflects our commitment to providing vehicles that can endure the stellar demands of taxi service, no matter where the journey takes the driver.

“The TX’s revolutionary range extender and full-electric capability have proven to be a game-changer in the industry, offering unparalleled reliability. It’s no surprise that Gary chose the LEVC TX; a vehicle that’s as hardworking as he is!

“We eagerly anticipate the day, when Gary returns - perhaps not from the moon, but certainly with stories that are out of this world - ready to embark on his next adventure with a new LEVC.”


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