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Glasgow taxi drivers baffled at new parking hours plan after rejecting taxi rank enforcement extension

Glasgow's taxi trade is voicing strong opposition to Glasgow City Council's recent decision to extend parking charge hours, a move they label as a "money grabbing exercise".

The criticism comes on the heels of the council's refusal to extend the enforcement of taxi ranks past 6pm, a request made by the Unite Glasgow Cab Section to improve accessibility and public safety on ranks.

A spokesperson for the Unite Glasgow Cab Section expressed bafflement at the council's approach, highlighting a perceived contradiction in prioritising Parking Wardens' safety while implementing extensive parking charge hours.

"I’ve no idea how Glasgow City Council intend to enforce this," the spokesperson said, referencing the council's rebuttal of extended rank enforcement due to concerns over wardens' safety.

The contentious plan, part of the budget agreed upon by the SNP and Greens, proposes extending controlled parking hours across all 24 of Glasgow's controlled parking zones to 8am to 10pm, seven days a week. This significant change from the current system, where restrictions vary but typically end at 6pm, is expected to have a broad impact, including on areas like the city centre.

The stance around taxi rank enforcement has sparked concerns over its impact on the availability and convenience of taxi services, especially during evening hours when the demand is high. Access to ranks is increasingly contested by the public looking to risk a free parking spot on a taxi rank.

A Unite Glasgow Cab Section spokesperson said: “I’ve no idea how Glasgow City Council intend to enforce this money grabbing exercise. When our Cab Section asked for enforcement of parking on ranks after 6pm, we were advised that it wasn’t possible as Parking Wardens’ safety was paramount.”


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