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Glasgow taxi drivers BYPASS fitted Low Emission Zone retrofit technology to curb running costs

Glasgow taxi drivers are disabling the retrofitted exhaust systems designed to reduce pollution, according to claims made in a new podcast series, Talking Taxis.

The podcast episode, focusing on the challenges surrounding Glasgow's Low Emission Zone (LEZ), revealed that drivers, after spending thousands on retrofitting their vehicles to comply with environmental standards, are facing further costly operational issues with the systems.

The problems described in the podcast have led to some drivers disabling the technology that converts harmful nitrogen oxide emissions into harmless gases, yet they continue to operate within the LEZ as if compliant.

David Farrell, a local taxi driver and participant in the podcast, highlighted the issue, noting the presence of vehicles with non-functional retrofit exhaust systems within the LEZ. The discussion pointed out that the financial burden of retrofitting has exceeded the support provided by government grants. Additionally, the sole Glasgow-based garage equipped to install these retrofits has ceased offering the service, forcing taxi operators to seek assistance in cities like Chester and Liverpool.

The podcast, produced by Glasgow Taxis Ltd, seeks to illuminate the intricate dynamics of Glasgow's taxi industry, bringing to light the difficulties and unique characters within the community. The opening episode, featuring drivers and Glasgow Taxis Ltd chairman Dougie McPherson, explores the implications of the LEZ on the taxi trade and anticipates the challenges drivers will face.


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