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Glasgow taxi drivers to raise cash for police enforcement ‘pirating’ private hire operations

Taxi drivers from Glasgow have taken the unique step to ensure the public’s safety by raising funds to pay for enforcement on pirating in the Scottish city.

According to costs detailed by the Unite Glasgow Taxi Section Union sources, the cost will be £113 per hour for two Police Scotland officers working a minimum six hours each night.

The union are aiming to raise £2,712 to initially finance FOUR nights of action.

A new hard-hitting safety campaign was launched in Glasgow earlier this month highlighting the dangers of getting into an illegal non pre-booked private hire vehicle. 

The campaign asked the public to ‘Know what you are getting into’ ahead of the busy Christmas period in the Scottish city.

Calum Anderson, Chairman of Unite Glasgow Cab Section said via his fundraiser: “Despite consistent lobbying for action by the Glasgow Cab Section, Police Scotland’s Greater Glasgow Divisional Commander has continued the trend of sweeping the matter under the carpet. Any operations that have been reluctantly undertaken, have been carried out in a half-hearted manner with early finishes and diversions to other tasks being among the excuses for no results.

“In the interests of public safety, Glasgow City Centre’s Area Commander has come up with a resolution of sorts, and offered dedicated officers to work alongside Enforcement... if we’re willing to pay for them.”

The fundraising campaign can be found here:


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