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Glasgow taxi industry highlights the ‘appalling state’ of deteriorating city centre conditions

Updated: Dec 29, 2023

A recent outcry from a spokesperson of the Glasgow Unite Cab Section has brought renewed attention to the state of Glasgow's city centre and the ongoing pleas from the taxi industry for urban revitalisation.

The Unite spokesperson’s comments, made on social media following a Christmas Eve visit to the city, paint a grim picture of Glasgow's current condition. Notably, streets like Argyle St and Union St were described as being in an "appalling state", leading to an earlier-than-planned taxi ride home.

This sentiment echoes a longstanding call from the taxi industry for greater investment in the city. Taxi drivers and industry representatives have been vocal about the need for initiatives to aid small businesses and bolster the local economy, especially in the wake of the pandemic. They have long argued that a cleaner, more inviting cityscape is essential to attract visitors and enhance the overall urban experience.

The taxi industry, being an integral part of Glasgow's urban fabric, has a unique perspective on the city's day-to-day operations and the challenges faced by residents and visitors alike. Their calls for investment and policy adjustments are rooted in a desire to see Glasgow thrive as a vibrant, welcoming, and prosperous city.

A Glasgow Unite Cab Section spokesperson said on social media: “Christmas Eve and decided to jump on the train and spend some time and money in town.

“Working nights in the city, it is not as obvious how utterly dilapidated Glasgow has become. Argyle St and Union St in particular are in an appalling state. Taxi home earlier than I planned.”


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