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Glasgow taxi rank enforcement ‘appreciated’, but more needs to be done to ensure public safety

Updated: Dec 12, 2022

Image credit: Glasgow City Centre Police (Twitter)

Police officers from Glasgow City Community Policing attended the busy Sauchiehall Street taxi rank with the city’s council to help enforce rules that allow cabbies to safely go about their jobs.

Taxi driver representatives appreciated the enforcement operation, but warned more needs to be done if safety for vulnerable people is to be maintained throughout the night.

A Glasgow City Centre Police spokesperson said: “Officers from Glasgow City Community Policing team worked in partnership with Glasgow City Council at the taxi rank on Sauchiehall Street.

“Officers were there to enforce legislation at the taxi rank to ensure that taxi's were able to pick people up safely and take them home.”

A Unite Glasgow Cab Section spokesperson replied: “The action on Sauchiehall Street was very much appreciated, however, by 10pm the rank was again inaccessible due to illegal parking.

“Taxis stopped servicing the rank as a consequence. This puts the public, especially lone females, at greater risk of harm.”

Other taxi drivers echoed the sentiments that similar operations are required on a more regular basis across several centrally located taxi ranks.

A taxi driver called Paul said: “Need more involvement at other taxi ranks throughout the city.”

Cabbie Michael Smith said: “Why aren’t you doing this as a matter of course across the City Centre? This shouldn’t be about a one-off initiative, this should be anytime there are offenders - and that is every night.”

James Henaghen added: “What about Byres Road ? Albion Street ? Buchanan Bus? This’ll last over the Christmas period then back the way it was.”

Last month, in an interview with Allan Nugent of the newly formed Glasgow Taxi Owner’s Federation, the issue with rank access was highlighted.

Nugent told TaxiPoint: “A lot of City centre streets were pedestrianised during the pandemic and are now being left causing us to take a much longer route at parts, which is obviously being questioned by passengers. A few ranks were also taken away as part of the ‘temporary’ covid measures. They have yet to be reinstated.

“Of the taxi ranks that remain, they have become increasingly inaccessible to taxis because of parking by every other vehicle except taxis.

“This has been brought to the attention of Police Scotland and Glasgow City Council (GCC) traffic enforcement, but each seem to be blaming the other.”


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