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Global superstar actor's $170 London rickshaw ride sparks fresh concerns over pedicab practices

Henry Winkler, one of the most recognisable faces in global entertainment, recently took to social media to share his experience of being charged $170 for a short rickshaw ride in London.

Winkler, known globally for his iconic role as Arthur "The Fonz" Fonzarelli in "Happy Days", is the latest to bring attention to the issue. His experience highlights the necessity for better enforcement or regulation within London's rickshaw community to protect both locals and visitors.

Unlike taxis, pedicabs in London operate without a standardised fare structure. This often leads to disputes over charges, with some operators taking advantage of tourists by imposing excessive fares. These fares are frequently not disclosed upfront, or hidden away on a price card, leaving passengers in a vulnerable position once the ride ends.

In addition to fare issues, pedicabs are not subject to regular safety inspections, and drivers do not require formal training.

Winkler's said on social media: “TRAVEL TIP: DO NOT take one of these bicycle taxis without absolutely negotiating the price first. This person in London rode us around in circles then finally to our destination 7 blocks away...for $170 US! My fault, I paid, but passenger beware!”

Jan Tessier responded saying: “London cabbies are known for being honest, knowledgeable, and decent. I believe they drive black cars. Anyway, this is a former cabbie telling you to grab a real cab.”

Winkler replied: “I did all the time . For that moment I LOST my mind.”


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