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GMB Pro Drivers union says OPERATORS AND REGULATORS need to do more to help reflect high fuel prices

The GMB Union National Pro Drivers branch have called on private hire and taxi operators and regulators to put in place measures to help drivers amidst sky rocketing fuel prices in England.

In recent weeks, both unleaded and diesel fuel has hit an all time high, leaving already struggling drivers in despair.

Drivers, and now trade unions and representatives, are calling for help before even more drivers choose to leave the trade which has already seen a major downturn in licensed drivers since the pandemic began.

GMB Reps, along with local contacts, met to discuss the dire situation this week, posting on social media what the topic of discussion was.

A spokesperson for the GMB said: "Reps and local contacts meeting for PH are saying loud and clear that operators/regulators need to put in place measures to do more and very quickly over fares to reflect fuel prices and continued viability. 36% increase in recent weeks."


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