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GMB representative calls for minicab "NO-RIDE" list for 'DANGEROUS, DRUNK & NON PAYING PASSENGERS'

The GMB Union's Regional Organiser for London Logistics and Gig-economy, Steve Garelick, has called for a register of passengers who should not be allowed to ride in a private hire vehicle, similar to a "no fly list".

Although most of the time, taxi and private hire customers are perfectly safe and law abiding, every now and again certain individuals choose to abuse a driver or the system.

Incidents such as physical and verbal abuse have been reported by drivers, along with incidents of non-payment from passengers.

Steve Garelick is now calling for such passengers to be logged and banned from future rides to protect drivers.

Steve Garelick said that he brought up the idea during a recent meeting with Transport for London which was attended by the Deputy Mayor of London for Transport, Heidi Alexander.

Using his Twitter account to announce his suggestion, Garelick wrote: "At a meeting with TfL and Heidi, Vernon Everitt & Operator groups I have suggested a register of individuals who should not be transported by drivers similar to a no fly list.

"PH drivers have a PHV105 who stops dangerous, drunk or non paying passengers? Safety first."


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