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GMB Union launch "ONE STOP SHOP" Uber-Hub for private hire drivers

Image credit : GMB/TaxiPoint remixed

The GMB Union has launched a new "One Stop Shop" Uber-Hub to help drivers on the ride-hailing app receive advice, information and support as they navigate the bumpy road of the gig-economy.

Uber and the GMB struck a deal in May which meant Uber would formally recognise the GMB as the union for drivers working on its platform.

The GMB now represents up to 70,000 Uber drivers across the UK.

The link-up came following a Supreme Court ruling which determined Uber drivers were not self-employed, but instead should be considered workers who were entitled to workers' rights, including holiday pay, a guaranteed minimum wage and an entitlement to breaks.

Taking to social media to launch the new Uber-Hub, the GMB Union said: "Today we're launching our new Uber-Hub.

"It's a one stop shop for advice, information and support for GMB members driving for Uber.

"As the union for Uber, you're better off as a member of GMB - together we will make work better."


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