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Government plans national standards after MP questions ‘adequacy of regulation’ around Uber and other PHVs

The Government are planning for national standards after MP questions ‘adequacy of regulation’ around Uber and other private hire vehicles (PHVs).

In a recent query to the Secretary of State for Transport, Andrea Jenkins, the Conservative MP for Morley and Outwood, raised critical questions regarding passenger safety within the private hire sector. Jenkins' inquiries highlight the growing concern over the safety measures currently in place for services such as Uber and other private hire operators.

Responding to Jenkins, Guy Opperman, the Parliamentary Under-Secretary for the Department for Transport, emphasized that local authorities presently hold the responsibility for determining the safety requirements that private hire vehicle (PHV) operators must adhere to. He noted that while these operators, including Uber, are subject to local regulations, the central government does provide guidance to support local authorities in enforcing these standards.

Furthermore, Opperman outlined the Government’s intention to introduce legislation aimed at establishing national standards for taxi and PHV licensing. This move is designed to strengthen the powers of licensing authorities and create a national licensing database. The proposed legislation aims to ensure a more uniform approach to passenger safety across the UK but is pending allocation of parliamentary time for discussion and approval.

Opperman said: “It is the responsibility of local authorities to determine the requirements that must be met by all PHV operators, including Uber, although the Government issues guidance to assist them in carrying out this function.

“The Government intends to legislate to enable the setting of national standards for taxi and PHV licensing, enhance licensing authority enforcement powers and establish a national licensing database when parliamentary time allows.”


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