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GREEN DISPOSAL: What happens to LEVC’s TX batteries once they reach the end of their lives?

As the transition towards electric vehicles continues, one important question on many taxi drivers' minds is what happens to the battery packs once they are no longer usable in a taxi? London Electric Vehicle Company (LEVC), the company behind the iconic black taxis, has provided some answers.

LEVC's batteries have been designed to last the lifetime of the vehicle, retaining their performance and range for many years. However, once the battery packs do reach the end of their usable life, LEVC is committed to their safe disposal and recycling.

According to wider industry analysis, batteries removed from electric or hybrid vehicles typically retain around 80% of their original storage capacity. While these batteries may not be suitable for immediate re-use in the same application, they can be refurbished and reconditioned for other "second life" applications, such as domestic and commercial energy storage.

LEVC is exploring ways to reuse their battery packs in second life applications, ensuring that they are not simply disposed of. The company is also committed to minimising the environmental impact of their vehicles throughout their entire working life, with over 95% of the materials in their TX model classified as recyclable or recoverable at the end of the vehicle's life.

As electric vehicles become more widespread, it is reassuring for cabbies and their passengers to see companies such as LEVC taking responsibility for the safe and sustainable disposal of their battery packs.


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