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GREEN FLEET: Local Authorities shouldn’t just be looking at Uber as default option says Sherbet CEO

Image credit: Sherbet Taxis

Local authorities shouldn’t just be looking at Uber as the default transport option anymore, said the CEO of London’s biggest fully electric taxi firm.

The comments follow the launch of Sherbet Taxis' new campaign which aims to highlight the green credentials of black cabs in comparison to London’s biggest private hire operator Uber.

The award-winning Sherbet Taxis platform has 350 electric taxis on its app and aims to increase that to 1,000 over the next couple of years.

Asher Moses, Sherbet Taxis CEO, is concerned that many people remain unaware of the huge strides taken by the London taxi industry in recent years when it comes to investing in environmentally friendly vehicles.

There are now nearly 6,000 Zero Emission Capable (ZEC) electric taxis in the capital which equates to £390million invested by individual drivers and taxi fleets.

Moses said on social media: “As a Londoner, Licensed London Taxi driver and owner of the largest fleet of electric Black Taxis, air quality in our capital is a concern for me and I believe in doing business with sustainability in mind.

“I'm passionate about preserving the iconic Black Taxi industry yet modernising it to meet the Mayor's strategy for cleaner air by going EV.

“It astounds me that the biggest player in the ground transport market, UBER, is still being pushed by local authorities as the default transport option and I want Londoners to be aware of the emissions UBER continue to pump out so they can make a more informed decision as to who to book a taxi with.

“Some people still dont realise the London Black Taxi is going green. In fact all the full Sherbet fleet is fully EV.”

Earlier this week it was announced that taxis across Sherbet's 350 strong London electric fleet will feature the large, bold message 'Uber is fuming', and a strapline underneath explaining: 'They pump kilotonnes of exhaust into the air. We don’t.'

Other messages in the campaign, such as 'Luxury doesn’t have to cost the earth' and 'London’s new street cleaner', will also appear on the Sherbet fleet.


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