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Ground-breaking new electric Etioca taxi begins world tour and arrives in UK later this year

Updated: Mar 5, 2023

Image credit: ETIOCA HOLDING

A ground-breaking new electric taxi has begun its ‘World Tour’ to allow taxi industry workers the chance to see the working vehicle in the flesh.

The new electric taxi prototype called ‘The Miner’ is designed and manufactured by fintech firm Etioca Holding. The striking taxi recently rocked up in Barcelona and Madrid as part of the ‘Etioca Road Show 2023 World Tour’.

The electric taxi stretches almost 5 meters long and contains seven passenger seats, along with a separated taxi driver's cabin. The cab is expected to have a range of up to 217 miles and could be on the streets from 2024.

It has been designed in Turin and presented in Madrid by Roberto Fiorello, current CEO of the company, and Mark Ishakov, founder and developer of Etioca in recent years.

The electric vehicle is given for use by Etioca to the licensed driver, who does not buy the vehicle, but pays for the usage of the taxi, with a cost per mile fare.

What functionalities does the Etioca offer?

Etioca’s taxi presents a number of cutting-edge features and offers an all-electric mobility experience with high-quality, high-tech elements.

Its designers say the taxi is a comfortable vehicle, easy to access, and free of architectural barriers. It features 7 seats, plus one for disabled passengers who can get onboard without the need of assistance, thanks to an automatic lifting platform. Etioca also allows easy transportation of bulky leisure items such as bicycles.

Image credit: ETIOCA HOLDING

Many other features are available on board, such as digital screens to manage the available services, a payment terminal, a taxi shop, a minibar, chargers for all types of smartphones, and an online route map.

The isolated driver cabin is fully equipped and guarantees safety and protection. Prompt assistance is provided for cleaning and recharging the vehicle through rapid battery change (battery swap) at dedicated stations.

Based on the lessons learnt during the pandemic, each vehicle will be sanitised automatically when all passengers have left the cabin, using a system combining ultraviolet light and a disinfectant nebuliser.

Image credit: ETIOCA HOLDING

Dynamic advertising panels with Etioca LED technology are positioned on the sides and on top of the vehicle.

Etioca’s taxi is set to arrive in the UK for viewing in late Spring.


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