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Guernsey seeks new applicants for accessible taxi licences

Updated: Nov 13, 2023

In a move to enhance accessibility and inclusivity for individuals with disabilities, the State of Guernsey has announced the availability of two 'Accessible Taxi' licences.

The Driver and Vehicle Licensing (DVL) division has called upon interested individuals to apply and participate in this significant initiative.

The voluntary handover of two out of the existing eight licences has prompted the call for new operators for the 'Accessible Taxi' service. The DVL aims to ensure that the chosen applicant upholds the highest standards of service and fulfils the specific criteria laid out by the department.

Applicants must hold a Public Service Vehicle Permit or be willing to apply for one immediately. Furthermore, the vehicle used for the service should be fully wheelchair accessible and meet the strict specifications set by the DVL.

As part of the selection process, the applicant must be willing to attend a comprehensive half-day training course focused on the carriage and well-being of disabled persons.

The successful applicant will be selected based on their overall score in several key criteria. These include the quality of the marketing plan or proposals submitted, any previous experience in assisting or caring for persons with disabilities, innovative ideas to enhance the service's helpfulness for disabled individuals, and the proposed availability of the vehicle in terms of hours and days.

Applicants are urged to submit their applications before the closing date of Wednesday 22 November 2023. The State of Guernsey hopes that this initiative will improve accessibility and convenience for individuals with disabilities, ensuring their safe and comfortable transportation needs are met.


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