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Gwynedd taxi licensing fees set to increase 12%

Cyngor Gwynedd’s general licensing committee in Wales has considered proposals to raise its taxi licensing fees to recommended levels. The proposed increases would be subject to public consultation with the taxi industry and public notice.

The plan is to increase the prices of hackney carriage licences, private hire vehicle licences, private hire operator licences, and drivers' licences to recoup the costs incurred in granting and administering them.

If the proposals are approved, these changes would bring about an average increase of around 12% for those using taxi services in the area. Current fees have already been reviewed annually by the council since 2013. By law, the council is allowed to recover costs associated with granting a driver’s licence for a hackney or private hire vehicle, processing applications, and issuing licences. Additionally, the council can charge for inspection costs, hackney carriage stands, public notices, management, and vehicle supervision.

The recommended changes would apply to various taxi licences and range from a one-year taxi driver’s licence currently costing £233, which would, under the new proposal, rise to £254 in 2023/24. A three-year taxi driver’s licence, currently priced at £270, could potentially rise to £353. An increase in the cost of a new hackney vehicle licence from £232 to £259, which includes internal and external plates (hackney and private hire) and a sticker (private hire), is also a part of the proposal. At present, renewing a hackney vehicle licence, which also includes internal and external plates and stickers, costs £197, but it would increase to £213 under the new proposal.


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