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HEATHROW AIRPORT: Multi-terminal taxi drop off exemption will remain as demand stays strong

Heathrow Airport officials and trade representatives recently gathered for a meeting to discuss the Taxi Feeder Park (TFP) and potential changes to its entry price.

Sam Houston, a columnist for the Licensed Taxi Drivers’ Association (LTDA), shared insights into the meeting, highlighting the absence of cost figures but the promise of future projections.

The HAL ‘Other Regulated Charges (ORC)’ team, responsible for monitoring the throughput of the TFP, aims to determine whether adjustments to the entry price are necessary. However, the lack of cost breakdowns from Heathrow Airport Limited (HAL) hindered the discussion during the meeting. Nevertheless, the ORC team expressed their commitment to delivering projections as soon as possible.

Another subject discussed during the meeting was the potential synchronisation of changes to the TFP and the Heathrow Extra. Heathrow Airport also confirmed that they will not remove the exemption for taxis when it comes to paying the Terminal Drop Off Charge (TDOC) for hirings between terminals.

Houston wrote in TAXI Newspaper: “There was a meeting between Trade reps and the HAL ‘Other Regulated Charges (ORC)’ team at the end of July. This is the group that monitors the throughput of the Taxi Feeder Park (TFP) in order to calculate whether any changes are needed to the entry price.

“Disappointingly, there were not any cost figures presented as yet (so we haven't seen a breakdown of what it actually costs HAL to run it), but the team have promised to come up with projections as soon as they can. Also discussed was the issue of timing any changes so that the Heathrow Extra might also be adjusted, if necessary.

“June and July have seen year-on- year demand soften very slightly at Heathrow, although levels remain historically high. In positive news, Heathrow have confirmed that they will not be removing the exemption for Taxis paying the Terminal Drop Off Charge (TDOC) for hirings between terminals. All passengers must be dropped at departures, and any pre-booked jobs must be picked up through the short stay car-park.”

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