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HEATHROW DROP-OFF FEES: How do taxi drivers and other motorists set up AUTOPAY?

Updated: May 8, 2022

As of Saturday 30 April 2022 London’s black cabs, and all private hire and out of area cabs, must pay a £5 fee to drop off at all Heathrow Airport terminals.

Setting up an autopay facility could help regular users, and occasional visitors, of Heathrow escape costly Penalty Charge Notices (PCN).

Non-payment will result in an £80 Parking Charge Notice (PCN), reduced to £40 if paid within 14 days.

The Terminal Drop-Off Charge is managed through Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) systems - similar to those used for the London Congestion Charge and Dart Charge - and will apply to all vehicles using Heathrow’s terminal drop-off facilities.

Blue Badge holders will be eligible for a 100% discount. Drivers will have the option to pay the £5 charge in advance, or by midnight the day after making the drop-off. Payments can only be made by card, either online or by an automated telephone service.

How do I set up Autopay?

Once an account has been set up, users must register card details from which payment will be taken as and when required.

Drivers must also remember to input details of the vehicle they are driving and wish to register to the scheme. It is also worth remembering REMOVING or changing the vehicle details if you no longer drive the taxi or car in the future to avoid paying the fee for other drivers.

Via the website users will be able to set up an account and manage several aspects relating the drop-off charges. Motorists will be able to:

  • Pay for a single drop-off or pre-pay for multiple drop-offs.

  • Add a vehicle, pay for a single drop-off, pre-pay for multiple drop-offs, set up autopay and review trip history.

  • Businesses can add multiple vehicles, set up autopay, manage vehicles and review trip history.

  • Apply for a Blue Badge discount.

  • Pay by automated telephone service.

  • Pay a PCN.


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