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HGV driver in London with shockingly bald tyre hit with 'S' marked Prohibition Notice

Image credit : DVSA Enforcement

An HGV driver has been issued an S marked Prohibition Notice after an inspection revealed one of the vehicle's tyres was in a dangerously bald condition.

A London based team from DVSA Enforcement Traffic Examiners, requested to see the tachograph reading from the HGV.

A vehicle examiner was called by the Traffic Examiner team to complete a roadside check of the vehicle's mechanical condition.

The examination revealed a tyre in such bad condition there was zero evidence of any tread left on it.

An 'S' Prohibition Notice was issued with immediate effect. An 'S' Prohibition Notice is given when the examiner believes a severe defect is due to significant breakdown in the vehicle's maintenance procedures.

Using social media to highlight the astonishing find, a spokesperson for the DVSA Enforcement said: "Our London based team requested to see a HGV to conduct a tachograph download.

"When the HGV arrived, our Traffic Examiner asked our Vehicle Examiner to take a closer look at the mechanical condition.

"The video shows one of the tyres, no words required. S marked PG9, FPN."

Twitter users had their say, with one responding: "OMG that is shocking. Definitely no vehicle checks been done there. Too many cowboys in the industry again. Well I think it might be time to do something else as this industry is [finished]."

Another wrote: "That's absolutely disgusting, they should receive a curtailment on the O licence for such disregard to the law."


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