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Holla Pods electric tuk-tuk style "taxi service" coming to Lincoln

Image credit: Holla Pods

Lincoln City Council have approved the introduction of new electric, zero emissions "taxi" pods to be used by the public as a transport option.

Holla Pods will launch in the city this April, taking the place of a tuk-tuk service which was approved in August 2020.

Holla Pods, which use the electric Zbee vehicles (a two-passenger, three-wheeler, driven using a moped style steering system), will need to give the council a list of drivers' names and will require a spare tyre to be carried at all times.

The application to use the Zbee vehicle was approved at a Lincoln City Council licensing committee meeting, made available to view via their official website.

The vehicles will operate in a three mile radius of Lincoln.

Holla Pods focused on introducing the service to Lincoln first because the city is "small but spread out" and is made up of almost "18% students", with 4.3 million tourists visiting a year.

Holla Pods also believe that the Zbee vehicle is an efficient alternative to other modes of transportation and offers an "agile platform for city centers suffering from congestion".

In their application to the council, Holla Pods, said: "Zbees are a fantastic innovation which fully supports a sustainable visit to historic Lincoln and supporting the pods shows the councils dedication to innovation and sustainability."

A spokesperson for the company said on Thursday: "So excited that Holla Pods was given the green light from Lincoln City Council to launch our new fully electric, zero emissions Pods.

"Exciting times for the city and for Holla. Coming this summer."


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