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HOLLER APP: Putting the power back into taxi firms and passenger hands

Holler taxi is the brainchild of the Managing Director Kevin Leftwich, who first came up with the concept over 6 years ago. According to Kevin, initially the idea was met with a not so enthusiastic reception, as firms were busy with their own local regular customer base.

Fast forward a few years, with Uber now in the UK and making a dent in the number of fares to the original local taxi firms, especially from the student market, the taxi firms were approached again with the Holler concept and this time it was received with great interest.

How Holler works for private hire and taxi firms

We asked Holler what they think makes them so different from the current apps for taxi firms and private hire cars. Here’s what they said:

“First and foremost Holler is an aggregator app, it shows the choice available to the user in one convenient app, taking fares digitally on behalf of the drivers/firms.

“Holler fully integrates with the main taxi dispatch systems, so once linked in, taxi firms don’t have to anymore admin’ work, with increased revenue.

“Holler doesn’t dictate the fare charges to the company, the company has the fare charges set up their end, so it automatically works out the fare they’re charging and displays to the user.

“Holler does not have its own drivers or licence, this is all about connecting fares with the taxi firms and private hires in the area in one handy app, giving the user maximum choice and availability and connecting them with local professional companies & drivers. Doing this whilst also not bringing anymore drivers into the area as competition.”

Zero commission with Holler

Holler say they are bringing a new revolutionary approach to providing this booking service to the companies and drivers, with fixed fees from only 50p per £10 and a maximum fee of £2.50 for fares above £40.

The passenger experience

With Holler, once the user sets the journey details and selects to book a car, the app will show the user the top 3 cheapest results in order, with their eta and also show in order of eta with the fare, it’s then down to the user to select the fare which best suits their needs. Holler say there is no more ringing around, having to open multiple apps, or be stuck with one fare option from a single booking app.

Holler has already launched in Southampton with some major players on board, including the likes of well-established companies like West Quay Cars. Holler is also currently integrated with taxi booking software systems which are used by the taxi / private hire companies, including icabbi, Gazoop and Sherlock, this gives Holler a possible instant vehicle access of over 80,000 cars (as they sign up the companies using the systems).

Holler is currently only available to download and use in Southampton, but the company has plans to roll out across the South coast and then the UK shortly thereafter. Holler has at least 3 more apps planned, which will feed the Holler vehicle network with even more fares and potential revenue, and these are planned to be launched across the UK in 2022 and 2023.


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