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Homemade gyms, home makeovers, then Netflix - just some of the ways cabbies are staying busy

With the UK currently on lockdown for the vast majority of households, many are doing all they can to avoid boredom and maintain sanity.

Some of the UK’s taxi drivers have revealed what they have been up to in order to stay active, with many taking this time to freshen up their homes, physiques and catch up on some TV.

Monday to Friday, many of those with children will be home-schooling; a task I’ve found myself to be struggling with, especially the maths.

But once we’re saved by the bell, or it's weekend time, there’s suddenly many hours to fill while restricting ourselves to within our four walls and for some, garden space.

One taxi driver from Essex has refused to let Covid-19 get in the way of his workout and has built an ingenious garden workout station. Hitting the burn, even if it means getting splinters in his butt, is a compromise this cabbie is willing to make.

Staying on the topic of keeping fit, Bob Groves, said: “My hobby away from the cab is cycling, I’ve cycled over 300 solo miles since Tuesday (my stress relief).”

Many other drivers have said they are taking the time to freshen up their homes with a new coat of paint. Jason White told TaxiPoint: “I am working my way through all the rooms in my house and redecorating them. Before isolating I went and bought a load of gloss and emulsion paint, my house will look like new inside.”

Another cabbie, Daniel Summers, said: “I’m now having to do all the little DIY jobs around the home which I always told my wife I would do when I had the time. There’s no way of getting out of it this time.”

Catching up on some TV series has also been a popular choice for many. Kendra Anaya Jordan said: “Just started watching Suits. Loving it. Never normally watch TV as always at work. Stay safe.”

Maddyy Ahmed said he’s enjoying Marvel and DC, while Tony Eldridge confessed to watching The Sopranos box set - definitely a favourite of mine - and Muhammed Khalid said “I’ve started to watch Coronation Street as they’ve cut down on Eastenders”.

Whatever it is we choose to watch or do, there is one thing we all have in common, the desire and hope that our family and loved ones remain safe during such an unprecedented time. I think it’s safe to say that when we finally get through this, many of us will never complain about the tiny ‘insignificant’ things in life anymore.

Stay safe and keep busy.


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